Allergy and Asthma in Pooler, GA

Allergy and Asthma

Prime Care of Georgia specializes in an extensive range of Allergy & Asthma services that enhance your overall well-being. Led by Dr. Neha Kharod, our experienced team is devoted to delivering personalized and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Come to our Pooler, GA, medical facility for thorough examinations, care, and management of allergy, asthma, sinusitis, and primary immune deficiency in children and adults. We are equipped and eager to assist you regarding all Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology issues.

Types of Services Available

Allergy Patch Testing

This method is essential for pinpointing the cause of allergic contact dermatitis, including reactions to metals or cosmetic chemicals. It involves applying patches with different allergens to the skin, typically worn for 48 hours. This test is safe and effective, particularly for diagnosing allergies to everyday substances. It’s a critical tool for those who suffer from unexplained skin rashes. The results help in tailoring a personalized treatment plan to avoid identified allergens.

Allergy Blood Testing

At Prime Care, we utilize allergen-specific IgE testing, known as ELISA/EIA, as a fundamental part of our allergy diagnostics. The purpose of this blood test is to determine the level of IgE antibodies in response to specific allergens. It’s beneficial for patients who cannot undergo skin tests. This test can identify a range of allergens, including foods, pollens, molds, and animal dander. It’s a crucial step in developing an effective allergy management plan.

Challenge Test

This test confirms allergy diagnoses, mainly when blood and skin prick tests are inconclusive. It involves administering the allergen orally, inhaled, or via other routes under controlled conditions. This test is critical for accurately diagnosing food and drug allergies. It’s often used to determine if a patient has outgrown an allergy, particularly in children. Our allergists conduct these tests with utmost care to ensure patient safety.

Allergy Intradermal Testing

This test involves injecting a small amount of an allergen just under the skin. It’s more sensitive than skin prick tests and can diagnose allergies to environmental allergens, insect stings, and some drugs. Intradermal testing is often used when skin prick test results are inconclusive. It plays a significant role in allergy diagnosis, especially in complex cases. The test results help in formulating a targeted treatment approach for each patient.

Allergy Skin Testing

This term encompasses tests for diagnosing common allergies, such as environmental or food allergies. Skin tests are quick, reliable, and generally safe. They involve exposing the skin to small allergens and observing the reaction. These tests are instrumental in identifying specific allergic triggers. The results are used to develop a customized allergy management and treatment plan.

Allergy Shots

These shots are a form of immunotherapy that gradually exposes the body to allergens. They are designed to alter the immune system’s response to these allergens over time. Regular injections are given, with the dose of allergens increasing gradually. This treatment is effective for long-term allergy relief. It’s particularly beneficial for those with severe allergic reactions or those who want to reduce long-term medication use.

Allergy Drops

These sublingual treatments are an excellent alternative to allergy shots. Drops are placed under the tongue and are ideal for patients who dislike injections or have busy schedules. They are effective in treating various allergies, including environmental and pet allergies. Allergy drops offer the convenience of at-home administration. They are a patient-friendly option that can improve adherence to allergy treatment.

Drug Allergy Treatment

Our allergists/immunologists specialize in testing and planning for patients with a history of drug allergies. We conduct thorough evaluations to diagnose drug allergies accurately. Our team develops personalized plans to avoid future reactions. Education on recognizing and managing reactions is a vital part of our approach. This treatment is crucial for patients who have experienced severe or life-threatening reactions to medications.

Early Introduction Program

This program begins with a peanut allergy test to guide parents in managing food allergies in children. It’s based on the latest research advocating early exposure to potential allergens. The program includes comprehensive testing and guidance on introducing allergenic foods. It aims to reduce the incidence of food allergies in children. Our team provides support and monitoring throughout the process, ensuring the safety and well-being of your child.

Food Allergy Treatment

Board-certified allergists guide our Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) for food allergies. It involves gradually increasing the ingestion of food proteins to build tolerance. This treatment is a proactive approach to managing food allergies. It’s tailored to each patient’s specific allergy profile. OIT has shown promising results in reducing the severity of allergic reactions to food.

Biological Therapy

This innovative treatment uses the body’s immune response to fight allergies and cancer. It can involve various approaches, such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, or other methods. Biological therapy is tailored to each patient’s specific condition. It’s a cutting-edge option for states that have not responded to traditional treatments. This therapy represents a significant advancement in immunology and allergy treatment.


This non-invasive test is essential for diagnosing and understanding asthma. It measures lung function and helps in assessing the severity of asthma. Spirometry is a simple test where patients blow into a tube connected to a computer. It’s critical for monitoring asthma over time and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment. The quick, painless test provides valuable information for optimal asthma management.

We Provide Services for Your Overall Health and Wellness

At Prime Care of Georgia, our goal is to enhance the health and wellness of the Pooler, GA, community, and its surroundings. Our team offers various services, from adult well-patient and sick-patient visits to chronic care management and preventive care. We focus on collaborative patient care, offering screenings for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Our commitment is to deliver outstanding service for patients, their families, and the community as a whole.

Remember, prioritizing your health is crucial. Being mindful of our bodies and addressing discomfort or unusual symptoms is critical. Consulting a doctor for persistent aches or distinctive symptoms can help diagnose and treat the condition early, significantly improving recovery prospects.

Your health deserves attention. Make an appointment with our team today, and let us guide you towards better health and wellness.

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Our Prime Care of Georgia providers collaborate closely with patients to create tailored wellness plans and goals, addressing each person’s unique health requirements.

  • Focused on Health Maintenance: We prioritize health education, proper screenings, and managing and preventing chronic diseases at Prime Care of Georgia.
  • Enhanced Communication: Familiarity with their physician and practice staff makes visits for our patients more comfortable and practical, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

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